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Spurge Sports Injury Clinic

The SPURGE SPORTS INJURY CLINIC is dedicated to assisting injured athletes and sports persons return to their chosen sport as quickly as possible with the use of no nonsense time proven treatments that are designed to avoid surgery unless absolutely necessary.

Of course I treat all parts of the boby but I constantly see the excessive use of surgery on the athletes knees when skilled use of deep tissue massage or a conbination of other old fashion techniques would be more than adequate. Operations put the athlete out of the game for many more moths than is necessary and since injuries occur reasonably frequently we can’t use such invasive techniques and expect to maintain long-run performance, the tissues just can’t keep on recovering time after time.

With my massage tcchniques, refined over more than 20 years, I find that I can get most athletes with moderate ligament damage bask on the field within 2 to 3 weeks and many diagnosed as requiring Full reconstructions in 4 to 6 weeks.

If you have a problem with your knee or any body part write to me through my E-mail box, tell me the problem and I’ll give you may best advice free on how you can best treat yourself or if you will need my personal attention. Do this before you go for that operation, it may save you months off the field.


Take care

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Below are some simple but very effective techniques or advice that will help you perform better and for longer in your chosen sport:

Bruised Muscles

Put on weight Fast

ADVICE IS AVAILABLE on numerous athletic topics including the following:

  • Performance Improvement
  • Injury Minimisation Skills
  • Weight Gain/Loss
  • Muscle Bulk–up Techniques
  • Dietary considerations for Endurance and Explosive Sports
  • Stress Management
  • Motivation Techniques
  • Overcoming or avoiding Chronic Fatigue
  • Syndrome
  • Improving your Immune System

If you have any question for our local Remedial Masseur John, just send us an Email:

Insurance Claims Accepted: Australian Accreditation No. 1584 ATMS
Naturopath and Sports Therapist

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