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This site has comprehensive information on an extensive range of herbs. Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs included. Pictures of many herbs are also available.

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Our health library has expertly researched facts about a large range of health conditions. Our goal is to provide accurate information, news, articles and research so you can become better informed.

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Detailed Vitamin information and facts. Complete range of facts on Vitamin's A to Vitamin K.

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High quality mineral information about their uses and properties.

How Ear Candles Work
Ear Candles are easy to use. Ensure that the atmosphere is calm and relaxed, so that the Ear Candle can display its full effect. The patient can contribute here by keeping his/her eyes closed. Before the therapy is started, ensure that there are no draughts in the room.

Bach Flower Remedy Facts and Pictures
Facts about the conditions bach flower remedies are used for, pictures, history, preparation, dosage, who can take them and storage of the Bach flower essences. Bach Flower therapy can help depression, grief, loss, nervousness, self esteem, despair, fear, uncertainty, sensitivity and loneliness.