Dried Herbs Garlic Granules (Allium sativum) 500g Trade Grown

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Botanical Name: Allium sativum

Plant Part: Dried Clove Granules

Source: Trade

Origin: China

Diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant, stimulant.

Many marvellous effects and healing powers have been ascribed to Garlic. It possesses stimulant and stomachic properties in addition to its other virtues. As an antiseptic, its use has long been recognized. In the late war it was widely employed in the control of suppuration in wounds.

The raw juice is expressed, diluted with water, and put on swabs of sterilized Sphagnum moss, which are applied to the wound. Where this treatment has been given, it has been proved that there have been no septic results, and the lives of thousands of men have been saved by its use. It is sometimes externally applied in ointments and lotions, and as an antiseptic, to disperse hard swellings, also pounded and employed as a poultice for scrofulous sores.

It is said to prevent anthrax in cattle, being largely used for the purpose. In olden days, Garlic was employed as a specific for leprosy. It was also believed that it had most beneficial results in cases of smallpox, if cut small and applied to the soles of the feet in a linen cloth, renewed daily. A remedy for asthma, that was formerly most popular, is a syrup of Garlic, made by boiling the bulbs till soft and adding an equal quantity of vinegar to the water in which they have been boiled, and then sugared and boiled down to a syrup. The syrup is then poured over the boiled bulbs, which have been allowed to dry meanwhile, and kept in a jar. Each morning a bulb or two is to be taken, with a spoonful of the syrup. Bruised and mixed with lard, it has been proved to relieve whooping-cough if rubbed on the chest and between the shoulder-blades. An infusion of the bruised bulbs, given before and after every meal, has been considered of good effect in epilepsy. A clove or two of Garlic, pounded with honey and taken two or three nights successively, is good in rheumatism.

Fantastic on dishes containing the following foods - Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Veal, Fish, Shellfish, Pesto, Garlic Bread, Stirfrys, Salad Dressings. Also mixes well with these herbs - Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Parsley, Sorrel, Fennel, Chilli, Coriander.


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