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GHS Albizia (Albizia Lebbek) Extract 1:2 200mL

GHS Albizia (Albizia Lebbek) Extract 1:2 200mL

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Albizia (Albizia lebbeck)í«í_is commonly used as a:

  • anti-allergic [anti-allergic activity thought to be provoked through an effect on the adrenals]
  • anti-fungal [an agent that destroys fungal conditions]
  • anti-inflammatory [an agent to ease inflammation]
  • anti-microbial [an agent that destroys microbes]
  • cardio-tonic [an agent that stimulates or otherwise affects the heart]
  • hypo-cholesterolemic [agent to lower blood cholesterol levels]

Dosage: Fluid extract (1:2) 3-6mL a day (higher doses by decoction)

Concentration: 1:2 in an alcohol base

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