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GHS True Unicorn Root (Aletris Farinosa) Extract 1:2 200mL

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The fresh root in large doses is somewhat narcotic, emetic and cathartic; when dried, these properties are lost. In smaller doses it gives colic in hypogastrium, and a sense of stupefaction and vertigo. When dried it becomes a valuable bitter tonic and its tincture or decoction has been used in flatulence, colic, hysteria, and to tone up the stomach; of value in dyspepsia and where there is an absence of urinary phosphates. Its most valuable property is its tonic influence on the female generative organs, proving of great use in cases of habitual miscarriage and as a general tonic.
True Unicorn Root (Aletris Farinosa) is commonly used as a:

  • narcotic
  • emetic
  • cathartic
  • female tonic

Concentration: 1:2 in an alcohol base

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Weight 300 g

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