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GHS Tienchi Ginseng (Panax Notoginseng) Extract 1:2 200mL

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Tienchi Ginseng (Panax Notoginseng) is commonly used as a:

  • adaptogen [a substance that strengthens the body, helping it return to normal when it has been subjected to stress]
  • anti-arrhythmic
  • anti-inflammatory [an agent to ease inflammation]
  • anti-hemorrhagic [an agent to stop hemorrhages]
  • cardio-protective [an agent to protect the heart]
  • hypocholesterolemic [agent to lower blood cholesterol levels]
  • isotonic properties
  • sweet, slightly bitter and warm

Dosage: Fluid extract (1:2) 25-60mL a week

Concentration: 1:2 in an alcohol base

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Weight 300 g

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