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Welcome to the Complete Herpes Information Center (CHIC). This is a resource for current information about the herpes virus and a medium for support and awareness to families and individuals who are affected.

Herpes is a very normal condition that most people will contract at some point in their lives. The stigma and emotional trauma is often far worse than the actual herpes condition itself which is why support and emotional help is important.

If you have just been diagnosed with herpes please take a few deep breaths and allow time for the information to settle and be digested. The truth is, herpes is not hardly as bad as it may sound. Although there are some downsides to this condition, such as having to take precautions not to transmit it, it rarely causes any other health complications and can be a catalyst for great personal transformation and growth.

Please spend some time here reading our articles and contributions. If you need further support or information visit the Herpes and Cold Sores Support Forum. This is an active community that is bursting with life and humor to help people cope with herpes.

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