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Information about the herb Queen’s Delight

Stillingia sylvatica, also known as Silver Leaf is part of the Euphorbiaceae plant family. Queens Delight originates from southern United States, from Virginia to Florida and westward to Texas.

General Information

Botanical Name: Stillingia sylvatica

Plant Family: Euphorbiaceae

Common name: Queen’s Root, Silver Leaf, Yaw Root

History: The plant was named after Dr B. Stillingfleet

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Plant Constituents of Queen’s Delight


  • acrid fixed oil
  • calcium oxalate
  • coloring matter extractive
  • starch
  • Sylvacrol, an acrid resin
  • tannin
  • volatile oil
  • woody fiber


  • alterative [an agent capable of favorably altering or changing unhealthy conditions of the body and tending to restore normal bodily function, usually by improving nutrition] in small doses
  • diuretic [an agent that increases the volume and flow of urine which cleanses the urinary system]
  • emetic [an agent that causes vomiting] in large doses
  • expectorant [an agent that promotes the discharge of mucous and secretions from the respiratory passages]
  • laxative [an agent promoting evacuation of the bowels; a mild purgative]
  • purgative in large doses
  • sialagogue [an agent that stimulates the secretion of saliva]
  • tonic [an agent that tones, strengthens and invigorates organs or the entire organism giving a feeling of well-being]

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Usage of Queen’s Delight

Medicinal Parts Used:  Root

Queen’s Delight is used for:

Bacterial Conditions

  • primary and secondary syphilis, especially combined with Sarsaparilla

Blood Conditions

  • impure conditions of the blood

Female Conditions

  • leucorrhea

Glandular Conditions

  • scrofula affections

Liver Conditions

  • hepatic affections

Respiratory Conditions

Combined with Oils of Anise or Caraway the extract is used for:

  • chronic bronchitis
  • laryngitis


  • influences the secretory functions
  • skin diseases

The Oil can be used externally for:

  • an external stimulating application

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As a purgative it can cause:

  • a disagreeable peculiar feeling
  • burning sensation in the stomach or alimentary canal
  • prostration of the system


Global Herbal Supplies has Queens Delight available in the following forms:

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