Information about the herb Chickweed

Stellaria media , also known as Adder’s Mouth is part of the Caryophyllaceae plant family. ¬†It is found throughout temperate areas of North America Europe, Chickweed’s native homeland, but has naturalized itself wherever the white man has settled.

General Information

Botanical Name: Stellaria media

Plant Family: Caryophyllaceae

Common Names: Adder’s Mouth, Alsine media, Birdseye, Chickweed, Indian Chickweed, Passerina, Satin Flower, Star Chickweed, Starweed, Starwort, Stitchwort, Tonguegrass, Vogelmiere, Winterweed

History: Culpepper stated: ‘it is a fine, soft, pleasing herb, under the dominion of the Moon’

Tradition:  Chickweed was carried and/or used in spells:

  • to attract love
  • to maintain a relationship

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Plant Constituents of Chickweed


  • B vitamins
  • iron
  • potash salts
  • various minerals


  • anti-irritant [relieves irritation]
  • carminative [an agent for easing griping pains, colic and expelling gas from the intestines]
  • demulcent [a substance that soothes inflamed mucous membranes and protects them from irritation]
  • emollient [an agent used externally to soften and soothe]
  • expectorant [an agent that promotes the discharge of mucous and secretions from the respiratory passages]
  • laxative [an agent promoting evacuation of the bowels; a mild purgative]
  • refrigerant [an agent that lowers abnormal body heat, relieves thirst and gives a feeling of coolness]
  • soothing

Usage of Chickweed

Medicinal Parts Used: Herb

Chickweed is used for:

Blood Conditions

  • blood builder

Brain and Nervous System Conditions

  • palsy
  • paralysis

Gastrointestinal Conditions

  • colitis
  • chronic constipation
  • coughs and hoarseness
  • flatulence (gas/wind)
  • inflammation of the bowels
  • inflammation or weakness of the digestive tract

Genitourinary Conditions

  • kidney disorders

Inflammatory Conditions

  • rheumatism

Respiratory Tract Conditions

  • asthma
  • bronchitis
  • colds
  • coughs
  • hoarseness
  • inflammation of the lungs and bowels
  • internal consumption
  • pleurisy
  • relieves catarrh of the chest
  • relieves cramps


  • for under-nourished children to gain strength
  • obesity
  • peritonitis
  • scurvy

Externally it is good used in an ointment, poultice or wash for:

  • bruises
  • carbuncles
  • eczema
  • external abscesses
  • hemorrhoids
  • inflammation
  • itches
  • old ulcers
  • ophthalmia
  • psoriasis
  • reducing enlarged joints
  • rheumatism
  • skin diseases
  • skin rashes
  • skin ulcers
  • soothing and healing for damaged skin
  • soothing skin irritations
  • sores
  • swollen and inflamed tissue

Other Uses:

  • Birds and chickens are very fond of the plant
  • Can be eaten like spinach or raw in a salad

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  • Should not be taken in large doses


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