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GHS Arnica (Arnica Montana) Extract 1:5 500mL

GHS Arnica (Arnica Montana) Extract 1:5 500mL

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Arnica (Arnicaí«í_montana) is commonly used as a:

  • Diaphoretic [an agent that promotes perspiration]í«í_
  • Diuretic [an agent that increases the secretion and expulsion of urine]
  • Emollient [an agent used externally to soften and soothe]
  • Expectorant [an agent that promotes the discharge of mucous from the respiratory system]
  • Stimulant [an agent that excites or quickens the activity of physiological processes]
  • Vulnerary [a healing application for wounds]


Poultices/Compresses - dilute tincture/extract 3-10 times with water
Mouthwash - dilute tincture/extract 10 times with water. (Do not swallow)

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