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GHS Withania (Withania Somnifera) Extract 1:1 200mL

GHS Withania (Withania Somnifera) Extract 1:1 200mL

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Withania (Withania Somnifera) is commonly used as a:

  • adaptogen [normalizes physical functioning depending on what the individual needs, e.g. it will lower high blood pressure, but raise low blood pressure]
  • anti-inflammatory [an agent to ease inflammation]
  • anti-tumor (in high doses)
  • nervine [an agent that has a calming or soothing effect on the nerves, any agent that acts on the nervous system to restore the nerves to their natural state]
  • sedative [a soothing agent that reduces nervousness, distress or irritation]
  • tonic [an agent that tones, strengthens and invigorates organs or the entire organism giving a feeling of well-being]

1:1 in an alcohol base

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