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Information about the herb Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus forskohlii, also known as Makandi is part of the Lamiaceae plant family. Coleus is a perennial plant which grows on the Indian plains and the lower Himalayas.

General Information

Botanical Name:Coleus forskohlii

Plant Family:Lamiaceae (Labatiae)

Common name:Makandi (Sanskrit)

History: It is also been grown as an ornamental and root is used as a spice

Tradition: It has been used in India as an Ayurvedic herb

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Plant Constituents of Coleus Forksohlii


  • essential oil
  • Diterpenes
  • labdane diterpene forskolin (also known as coleonol)


  • anti-glaucoma
  • anti-platelet
  • bronchospasmolyltic [aids with spasms of the bronchials]
  • cardiotonic [tonic to the heart]
  • hypotensive [lowers blood pressure]

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Usage of Coleus Forksohlii

Medicinal Parts Used:Root

Coleus forskohlii is used for:

Blood Conditions

  • anti-platelet action, combined with Ginger and Turmeric

Cardiovascular Conditions

  • cerebrovascular disease (vasodilation), combined with Ginkgo biloba
  • congestive heart failure, combined with Craetagus, Astragalus, Panax Ginseng and/or Convallaria
  • hypertension (high blood pressure), combined with Craetagus
  • ischemic heart disease, combined with Craetagus and/or Salvia miltiorrhiza
  • thrombosis

Gastrointestinal Conditions

  • digestive insufficiency
  • stimulates upper digestive function, combined with Gentian

Glandular Conditions

  • hypothyroidism

Eye Conditions

  • glaucoma (internally and externally)

Respiratory Tract Conditions

  • asthma
  • chronic obstructive airway disease (bronchodilation)

Reproductive Conditions

  • poor fertility

Skin Conditions

  • psoriasis


  • weight loss


  • 6-12g/day dried root
  • 6-12mL/day 1:1 fluid extract
  • Eye bath 4-8 drops 1:1 extract

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  • Can potentate many drugs, so should be used cautiously in patients taking prescribed medication
  • Contraindicated in hypotension (low blood pressure)


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